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 This page can be used to identify specific symbols, or for self-revision exercises.Click symbol to view video/info
Bilabial Plosive VoicelessBilabial Plosive VoicedAlveolar Plosive VoicelessAlveolar Plosive VoicedRetroflex Plosive VoicelessRetroflex Plosive VoicedPalatal Plosive VoicelessPalatal Plosive VoicedVelar Plosive VoicelessVelar Plosive VoicedUvular Plosive VoicelessUvular Plosive VoicedGlottal Plosive VoicelessBilabial Nasal VoicedLabiodental Nasal VoicedAlveolar Nasal Voiced
Retroflex Nasal VoicedPalatal Nasal VoicedVelar Nasal VoicedUvular Nasal VoicedBilabial TrillAlveolar TrillUvular TrillAlveolar Tap or FlapRetroflex Tap or FlapBilabial Fricative VoicelessBilabial Fricative VoicedLabiodental Fricative VoicelessLabiodental Fricative VoicedDental Fricative VoicelessDental Fricative VoicedAlveolar Fricative Voiceless
Alveolar Fricative VoicedPostalveolar Fricative VoicelessPostalveolar Fricative VoicedRetroflex Fricative VoicelessRetroflex Fricative VoicedPalatal Fricative VoicelessPalatal Fricative VoicedVelar Fricative VoicelessVelar Fricative VoicedUvular Fricative VoicelessUvular Fricative VoicedPharyngeal Fricative VoicelessPharyngeal Fricative VoicedGlottal Fricative VoicelessGlottal Fricative VoicedAlveolar Lateral Fricative Voiceless
Alveolar Lateral Fricative VoicedLabiodental ApproximantAlveolar ApproximantRetroflex ApproximantPalatal ApproximantVelar ApproximantAlveolar Lateral ApproximantRetroflex Lateral ApproximantPalatal Lateral ApproximantVelar Lateral ApproximantBilabial ClickDental Click(Post) Alveolar ClickPalatoalveolar ClickAlveolar Lateral ClickBilabial Implosive
Alveolar ImplosivePalatal ImplosiveVelar ImplosiveUvular ImplosiveBilabial EjectiveAlveolar EjectiveVelar EjectiveAlveolar Fricative EjectiveBilabial Velar Fricative VoicelessBilabial Velar Approximant VoicedDouble Articulation VoicelessAlveolar Affricate VoicelessPostalveolar Affricate VoicelessPostalveolar Affricate VoicedA-E diagraphSchwa
No 8 Secondary unroundedNo 7 Secondary unroundedNo 6 Secondary unroundedNo 5 Secondary roundedNo 4 Secondary roundedNo 3 Secondary roundedNo 2 Secondary roundedNo 1 Secondary roundedNo 8 Primary roundedNo 7 Primary roundedNo 6 Primary roundedNo 5 Primary unroundedNo 4 Primary unroundedNo 3 Primary unroundedNo 2 Primary unroundedNo 1 Primary unrounded
Aspirated Bilabial VoicelessAspirated Alveolar VoicelessAspirated Velar VoicelessNasal ReleaseLateral ReleaseNo Audible ReleaseDental ArticulationA Rhotic VowelA Rhotic VowelBreathy VoiceCreaky VoiceNasalised Voice